Elegant Bridal Hair and Make-up

Eva Schulze, an artist with a passion for making dreams come true, specialises in creating elegant and timeless looks that enhance your natural beauty. 

As a sought-after hair and makeup artist, Eva understands that every bride possesses a unique radiance that deserves to shine on their special day.

With over a decade of experience, she has perfected the art of crafting bespoke bridal looks that resonate with individuality.

Bridal Hair & Makeup

Unveil Your Radiance on Your Special Day

Eva specialises in creating elegant and sophisticated bridal looks that stand the test of time. She places exclusive focus on the bride, ensuring a one-of-a-kind experience that leaves you looking and feeling extraordinary as you walk down the aisle. 

Destination Bridal Elegance

Beauty Beyond Borders

Eva Schulze brings her exceptional artistry to the realm of destination weddings, where beauty becomes a seamless part of the enchanting backdrop. As a connoisseur of bridal hair and makeup, Eva is dedicated to curating looks that harmonise with the allure of your chosen destination, ensuring that your radiance shines across every exotic landscape and cultural tapestry.


“I am so thankful that Eva was part of my day! Even during the trial styling, it didn’t take many words and she knew straight away what I had in mind and implemented it perfectly.


Meet Eva

Discover Eva’s Journey

Eva Schulze isn’t just a hair and makeup artist; she’s a creator of timeless beauty, a visionary who transforms faces into exquisite canvases and brings dreams to life. With a passion that was ignited on the set of a Canadian film, Eva’s journey has led her to become a maestro of bridal and event styling, a trusted companion on the path to confidence and radiance.

How it Works

Discover Your Bridal Vision

Explore Eva Schulze’s bridal portfolio and request a personalized pricing guide for your desired package to envision your bridal beauty journey

Let’s Chat, Connect, and Create

Chat informally with Eva to confirm the perfect fit, discussing your bridal vision and forming a connection.

Reserve Your Beauty Experience

Secure your spot for the big day with Eva, marking the official start of your beauty transformation journey.

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